Business Performance And The Validation Of HR

New Research Links HR Best Practices with Better Business Performance

By the time the second industrial revolution ended in 1914, we as a society had begun to harness the power of machines to drive productivity. Steel had replaced iron, automobiles and trains had replaced horses, and the telephone and radio had changed the way we communicate. Now, more than 60 years into the digital revolution, the engine that drives our society and our businesses is not coal-fired, nor is it plugged into the electric grid; it is increasingly the human brain. Optimizing the effectiveness of today’s
human assets is a top concern for business leaders, but many organizations are unsure how to select or deploy talent practices that will drive business performance.
This paper shares the latest emerging research on how human resources certification, at both the individual and organizational levels, is positively correlated with stronger results for several important measures of

business performance. New data analysis shows that companies with a certification from the Top Employers Institute are significantly outperforming industry averages on key metrics and individuals with HR Certification Institute certification demonstrate not only mastery of the competencies tied to best practices, but also the sound judgment and strategic mindset required to adapt best practices to their unique organizational challenges. Companies with five or more HRCI certificants on staff outperform other companies on key business metrics.

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