Creating a Motivating Work Environment

What is it that makes one workplace environment conducive to innovation, enthusiasm, and commitment while another is not? Why is it that you can walk into a workplace and feel the energy sparking? What is it about a similar environment that leads to boredom and lack of attention? From the Office of the Future of the Ken Blanchard Companies, 2009.

This research sheds light on the important topic of employee passion and commitment. What kind of environment do great leaders create, and how do they behave to foster a motivating environment? What differences appear across generational cohort, gender, and personality type? Understanding these differences can help leaders adjust their behavioral tendencies to better meet the needs of the people they support and depend upon. This study examines the following issues:
  • What are the elements of a high-performing work environment?
  • What does a leader do to create that environment?
  • What characteristics are associated with leaders who are considered outstanding?
  • What are the beliefs of outstanding leaders, and what is the impact of those beliefs?
  • What specific actions can leaders take to create a healthy, exciting work environment?

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