Don’t Depend On Others To Motivate You!

Often in the workplace employees will feel it is the management’s job to motivate them and make them happy.  While I do not totally disagree with creating a motivating work environment, I do not agree that one should depend on their work environment to be the only means of motivation at work or their life.

We need to learn to motivate ourselves on a daily basis.  We need to wake up each morning glad and thankful that we are alive and have a job to go to.  It is a sad state if we need to rely on others to make us feel good and become motivated.  It is really up to you to motivate yourself.

Here are 10 things that can help you get a jump-start on becoming a self-motivated person.

  • Read 10 pages a day of a motivational book (highly recommend this and do not stop at one book, make this part of your daily routine)
  • Wake up thankful for your life
  • Take a walk and look for something beautiful to be thankful for like a flower, tree, the clouds, a barking dog, etc.
  • Smile and say “hello” to those you meet throughout your day.
  • Feel your pulse… yes you are alive!
  • Realize that you have a choice about the attitude you choose each day.
  • Hug, really hug,  your child, significant other, dog, cat, bird, whoever or whatever you love!
  • Take donuts or bagels to your coworkers and let them know you like working with them.
  • Wish your boss or manager a great day.
  • Ask a coworker if there is anything you can help them with today.

I think this is a pretty good list to start with, do have anything you can add to it?

P.S. Do you want to know something amazing?  While you are doing the things above and becoming a self-motivated person… you are also motivating those you come in contact with! (Amazing!).

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