Key trends in human capital 2014

A new vision for growth, by PWC.

Two years ago, our fifth edition of Global Trends in Human Capital told the story of a downturn with a very noticeable human capital impact – those that had survived some harsh workforce cuts were left disengaged, with the youngest generation of workers suffering the most.

Today, the story is very different. The regions hit hardest are accelerating out of recession and organisations are focused again on growth. But the recovery has brought with it some familiar problems – low employee engagement, wage inflation in some markets and most importantly, skills shortages.

Many business leaders will say they’ve walked this road before – that the race to recruit as the recovery takes hold is what organisations need to do. But this recovery is unlike any other. The rules have changed. That means that you need to think again about what you think you know – about the behaviour of organisations during a recovery, about the nature of emerging markets, about workforce management and the role played by diversity and trust, even about the impact of HR itself. The world has changed and continues to change – and that means that the same arguments and approaches no longer apply.

Five global trends have emerged :

  1. Break the recovery habit.
  2. Think again about emerging markets.
  3. The real value of diversity.
  4. The changing nature of trust.
  5. HR that brings value to the business.

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