Rail boss vows to hire more women to tackle ”macho culture”

The boss of Network Rail has admitted there is a ‘macho’ culture problem within the company that has manifested from a lack of women working for the firm. Published: Fri, 27 Feb 2015, HR Grapevine News.

Mark Carne also said in a speech to rail industry executives at the Institute of Engineers in London that approximately 600 railway workers were being injured each year, badly enough to warrant taking the following day off work.

Of the injuries issues, which is almost ten times more than what is reported in comparable industries, Carne said: “These are appalling tragedies that have, at their root, a culture that we must change.”

Carne partly blamed the problem on the fact that staff were keen to keep trains running on time, claiming that many workers felt that “punctuality is what really matters”.

But he also admitted that there was a substantial shortage of women working in Network Rail. He said: “When women started becoming a much more visible presence on the oil and gas platforms in the North Sea 20 years ago, the difference they brought was profound.

“The extreme macho, and frankly unsafe, culture that was a hallmark of the industry in the 1970s and 1980s changed dramatically”.

“Today, women make up about only 14% of the Network Rail workforce. It is hardly surprising that under such circumstances we still have what many describe as a macho culture.”

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