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e-rh is a blog focused on the people, technology, ideas, senior leaders and careers in Human Resources and Human Capital. It is a place to find information and discuss topics on a wide variety of issues that impact the Human Resources and Human Capital.  It’s a place to find community and collaboration.

Who am I? I’m a HR Consultant in the largest travel and transport company in Switzerland. It’s also one of the biggest employers in Switzerland with more than 30,000 railway employees who work round the clock to keep trains running safely and punctually. I speak french and you will find french and englisch reviews on this blog.

As an HR Pro, I am most interested in the intersection of the HR practice, technology and business results in today’s organizations. I have a strong interest in areas like recruiting and performance management, but keep an eye towards the thousand other areas that impact HR Generalists at every level as well. My eyes get glossy when HR people start talking about being strategic without being specific.

I started e-rh  in September of 2013  with the goal of building a community I could learn from. As the moderator, I pick most of the daily topics (on the web and Twitter), but you can tell me what you want to see and I’ll riff accordingly.

The number of individual visitors reading e-rh  is more than 100’000 since September 2013.

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Some of my biases :

Recruitment :

  • “I don’t judge my candidates based on their length of employment on each company they worked with. All candidates seem like job hoppers if they frequently change jobs, but I see them beyond being job hoppers. Each employment have their own stories. Each candidates have their own passion and strength. You will never know what will happen on your job until you’re in it every day. I’m happy to hire a candidate as long as he performed excellently in interview. I believe each new joiner will bring a new change in company. I am Gen-Y [almost] and I hate traditional recruitment mind-set.” From a a young recruiter posted this rant on LinkedIn
  • “Instead of judging folks who “job hop”, let’s start judging potential candidates by what really matters. Mindset, attitude. Ability to do the job required. Humility. Kindness. Joy. Passion. Curiosity. A desire for better. The person you are looking for – the “right” person – might well be a “job hopper”. Maybe they simply haven’t found the “right” employer up to now?” From Neil Killick’s blog.



  • “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” Jim Rohn

Another coming soon…

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