Global Human Capital Trends 2014

Global Human Capital Trends 2014

Engaging the 21st-century workforce by Deloitte. As the world comes out of the recession, organizations see a new workforce, one that’s younger, more demanding, and more dynamic than ever. Our research identified 12 critical trends that are helping drive the human capital agenda for the coming year.

Table of contents :

  1. Introduction
    Jeff Schwartz, Josh Bersin & Bill Pelster. CEOs and HR leaders see talent as a major challenge to growth. Where should you focus? Our survey of 2,500+ organizations in 90+ countries reveals 12…
  2. Human Capital Trends 2014 survey
    Jeff Schwartz, Josh Bersin & Bill Pelster. Take a deep dive into 10 selected results from the 2014 Global Human Capital Trends survey.
  3. Leaders at all levels
    Adam Canwell, Vishalli Dongrie, Neil Neveras & Heather Stockton. Leadership remains the top human capital concern—and the largest “readiness gap” in our survey. The need: to develop new leaders faster, globalize…
  4. Corporate learning redefined
    Josh Bersin, Josh Haims, Bill Pelster & Bernard van der Vyver. It’s a new age for learning and development. Online content, MOOCs, collaboration tools, and social media now fuel a training model where employees own…
  5. Performance management is broken
    Lisa Barry, Andrew Erhardt-Lewis, Stacia Garr & Andy Liakopoulos. Companies worldwide are questioning their forced-ranking, rigid rating systems and once-a-year appraisal processes. This is the year a new model of…
  6. The quest for workforce capability
    Josh Bersin, Jen Stempel & Bernard van der Vyver. Organizations now compete globally for scarce technical and professional skills. How can they locate and develop this talent when it takes years to…
  7. Talent acquisition revisited
    Lisa Barry, Udo Bohdal-Spiegelhoff, Robin Erickson & Kim Lamoureux. Talent acquisition and recruiting are undergoing rapid disruption, challenging companies to leverage social networks, aggressively market their employment…
  8. Beyond retention
    Cathy Benko, Robin Erickson, John Hagel & Jungle Wong Survey respondents say retention and engagement is the second biggest human capital challenge they face (after leadership). What’s the secret to…

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